Le Tigre - Deceptacon (DFA Remix)

The DFA remix of Le Tigre’s song ‘deceptacon’ put to sequences of 1980’s tv shows.. Made me smile.. ;)

Short recap of the LungA 2014 festival in Seydisfjordur, at the east coast of Iceland.

Angus & Julia Stone - Heart beats slow (live acoustic)

Downhill riding Valparaiso, Chile. Looks like a great spot!

WOLF DOWN - Stray from the path

An upcoming straight edge HC band from Germany.


An old one for internet time standards but still way worth sharing. A four minute movie about why social media should not replace real life..

Okta Logue - Transit

You take it for granted that things are
The way they seem.
And from the first glance you’re aware
Of what is real.
All the letters tell a story about a
Content you can’t see.
Take a closer
Look at the way
You do perceive.

And you’re holding on to things
That you have done.
But who are you
When all your work is gone?

And you’re acting like you’re
Always on the run.
But you’re a buried seed
That has never seen the sun.

Take that for granted:
If there’s one thing that is real.
It’s the moon shine,
It’s this velvet tender fell,
It’s the wind that slowly carries
Colored autumn leaves.
Well this is waiting for the ones
Who do perceive.

Coasts - Oceans

Newcomers from Bristol, UK. Much underrated.

Man vs. Machine

World class table tennis player Timo Boll plays against the newest version of KUKA’s robot KR AGILUS in this brand new ad.

Is this the future? Is this where we’re heading? Although this ad is nice and such quick and flexible robots will be able to help us with a lot of things in the future we probably should discuss if we really want to live in a world with robots “taking over” really soon.


Bringing the art of painting to life. Dir. Rino Stefano Tagliafierro took quite some well-known pieces of art, cut out the persons from the pictures and animated them bringing awakening the paintings to life.

This is just a short version of the film which is currently being handed in to several film festivals and thus cannot be shown in full length yet.